Friday, August 10, 2018

Support Nya In Her Effort To Raise Bullying Awareness!

We are currently registering schools across the nation for the Nya Marquez Bullying Awareness Fundraiser & Tour! Many teens can relate to this fundraiser & you can raise $$ to help promote awareness for this serious crisis that is happening in our school systems across America!

Our hope is that through this unique fundraising platform, different organizations, clubs and schools will help Nya spread awareness, not only for bullying, but also for gun safety and teen suicide prevention - which unfortunately all go hand in hand as we have seen from Columbine, Parkland and countless other schools who have had to suffer through the tragic events that stemmed some or all of these issues. 

Nya Marquez, her debut album "Crush" to be released September 21st. features the number 1 smash hit "I Think We're Alone" with the 80's Icon Tiffany! Also, includes another song co-written by Tiffany! "Crush" is co-produced by the legendary multi-Grammy winner A.B. Quintanilla! A.B. was also the producer, song writer and brother of the late Latin Star Selena Quintanilla!

You can be apart of Nya's HISTORY by supporting her Kickstarter campaign and sharing her message on Bully Awareness!

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If you want to support bullying awareness, gun safety & teen suicide in our school systems, contact me at

Thank you for your time,
Michelle Hoffmann
Nya Entertainment, LLC
Fundraising Specialist – Nya Marquez Bully Awareness Tour

Monday, June 4, 2018

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Get Ready for Halloween!

Halloween is almost here!  Celebrate by showing off our 

Magical Cat & Mouse incense Holder

A black cat peers down at a small mouse as it tries to hide behind a star-encrusted cap on this fine crafted and fun stick incense holder. Cold cast resin. 4”

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Do You Have YOUR Emergency Fund?

How to Create an Emergency Fund for Those Hard Times...

Crises... You know they're going to happen. They always do. You are sailing along fine in your little world and them BOOM! All of a sudden, something happens to pull the rug out from under you and you are left sitting there, basically helpless,  not knowing what to do or how you will get through the crisis that has just occurred. These are the times that that good ole 'Emergency Fund' will come in useful.

Some people may question the necessity of having an emergency fund. After all, is it really necessary? How do you go about it? Does it need to be a huge amount? Here are some ideas and suggestions that should help answer these questions.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Opinion Needed...

I am doing a bit of research for an idea that my husband and I have...
What is the most you'd be willing to pay for rent if the apartment came with...
  • in unit washer/dryer
  • new refrigerator
  • electric heating
  • on demand hot water (flash heaters)
  • ceiling fans in living room/bedrooms
  • shower doors
  • new fixtures
  • A/C
  • Solar Panels (one for each apartment)
Give me your opinions :)