Sunday, October 23, 2011

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Green Bay Packers helmet
Today is the day!

Today is the day that Wisconsites (and Minnesotans) have been waiting for... it is the day that their beloved Packers (and Vikings) will be squaring off on a 100 yard field of dreams, surrounded (and watched) by thousands of screaming, beer drinking, costumed men and women ready to give up their savoir faire in order to cheer their team to victory.

Me?  I'm a Cheesehead!  All the way.  Born and Bred.  I grew up watching the Packers, I've been to Lambeau Field, gotten autographs from some of the great, even spent many Sundays rooting on my faved green and gold!  In my mind... Packers kick butt!  Look at their record... 6 and 0!  We're SuperBowl bound!  Again!

Whoo hoo!

Since the great quarterback, Brett Favre, left the Green Back Packers and joined The Minnesota Vikings, the rivalry between the two teams went from a friendly fight to an all out war. The battles in the back yard rivaled those on the grid iron... harsh, intense and strongly divided. Now that Mr. Favre has ended his career with the purple and gold, there has been much fervor by the Viking locker room to put another great leader on the field who will raise the team to victory once again.
So, who's team are YOU on?


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