Tuesday, January 17, 2012

27 Days to Incredible Internet Profits - Lesson #4: Physical vs Digital

In the last session we laid out how to plan for a
bussiness, but you also need to know what type of bussiness
you want and the first division is physical vs digital

I would like to ask you what have most of us spent anywhere
from 75 to 20% (depending on how old you are) of our lives


We start the day we are born and keep at it until the day
we die. For many people the first 2 decades of life are
dedicated solely to learning. There is no end to the
variety or depth of information that can be provided and
new information is being developed daily.

When it comes to products, the most sought after products,
beyond neccesities like food and shelter, are information
and if you have it and others don't have it but want it,
you can often set your own price and that is why I
recommend it.
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