Thursday, January 19, 2012

27 Days to Incredible Internet Profits - Day #5: "Convincing People To Buy"

27 Days to Incredible Internet Profits
>>> Day #5: "Convincing People To Buy"

As you should remember from the last lesson, the overall
concept of your website (and any sales messages) is summed
up as A-I-D-A.

A - Attention I - Interest D - Desire A - Action
You want to capture your prospect's attention, build up his
interest level to create desire and convince him to take!

The most important part of the page is your headline. The
purpose of the headline is to capture the reader's
attention and get him to read the 1st sentence of your
sales message. The purpose of the 1st sentence is get him
to read the 2nd sentence. And so on.

You need to keep the reader's interest and bring him down
the page until you've created enough desire that he will
take action and order.

Other important parts of the sales page are:
* listing the features and benefits * building the value of
your product or service * developing your credibility *
providing proof that what you say is true * crafting a flow
that leads to the inescapable conclusion that your visitor
must buy immediately.

With that overview in mind, you can now listen to me
explain these concepts in more detail. Just turn on your
speakers and click the Play button below:

You're probably thinking that creating a good web page that
sells is going to be a daunting task, especially if you're
just learning this stuff. And it can be.

But your ability to make the sale is crucial to the success
of your business. And just like I showed you some simple
software that helps you write killer headlines, I've found
some more great software (
to help you write superb sales letters.

In only 2 ½ minutes you can quickly and easily create a
sales letter guaranteed to sell your product or service
without writing. Just fill in a few blanks and've just created a powerful, money-making sales
letter! Check this out now!

I'll be back in 2 days with more important information on
how you can create your own incredible Internet profits.

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