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Mindfulness & Numerology

Mindfulness in modern psychology is a psychological quality that involves bringing one’s complete attention to the present experience on a moment-to-moment basis.
This is a strong personal practice that we can use to remind ourselves to be aware of the world around us. At first, the process seems so simple, but it can bring about a dramatic personal change. For me, one of the most important benefits of the practice of mindfulness is that I can help realize the way that I would let things like doubt and fear is a barrier to all that I wish to attain. I keep seeing how I can become more aware of times when my thoughts seem to be spinning in circles. I shows me that I am not seeing what's really happening.  How many times have you found yourself reacting to a situation the wrong way?

Mindfulness can provide a "container" of the spiritual, so you can better organize your life. How would you like to develop, manage or shape of your life? How it would your life be if you could get the life you really want to live? What are your specific financial goals, professional and personal relationships? Are there obstacles in your way? Do you have important decisions to make? What is the fear in the way? Are there any special attention or concerns you stop? Mindfulness could help you to see through the fog and began to have a clear idea about your goals and desires. Of course, we all sometimes experience suffering in our lives. However, it is possible to operate from our past experience to help us live better now.

Working on your personal rhythm using the Personal Year cycle is a way numerology can help you to be more mindful in your life. Every year is part of a global cycle. Each cycle consisted of nine different years. Each year has its own pattern associated with it.

Year # 1 The Personal is the perfect time for a fresh start, while the
year # 2 staff is very good for society. Each year builds on recent advances and challenges. For a lot of benefits, you must prepare and be ready for the opportunities and challenges that appear in a given year of a given cycle of nine years. Below is a brief description of the themes for each particular year.

Short description of the themes of the Personal Year:

1 year: the first time, strategies, new life, renewal

Year 2: Relationships, harmony, associations, balance, cooperation

Year 3: Creativity, joy, prosperity, energy, development, mixing

Year 4: patience, honesty, maturity, leadership, power, power

5 Years: Diversity Movement, Education, randomized, study

6 years: maturity, wisdom, temperance, family structure

7 years: wisdom, peace, meditation, knowledge

8 Years: Victoria, the Authority, honor, pride, power

Year 9: Finally, Processing, Recognition, Freedom, Change

In general, you want to try to live your life according to the theme and the energy to be the best year. And for the best benefit at the beginning of each year are often times when you can start a new project and make changes in your life. You can see now as a new beginning of the year past. You can see the status, obligations and relationships with a critical eye. Are there situations where there is no support or support?  Is there a situation or relationship that is beneficial to your well being>

You will need to be aware of people and try to fit better with their choices in life around the theme of thatyear. For example, the Personal Year is a time of new challenges and start again. For many people it is a good time to take on new challenges and responsibilities developed in the past. It is also a good time to start the development of new ideas and new plans were formed in his mind. It is important to note that this is not really time to sit on the bench.

Questions for the new year:

What do I bring from the past?

What gifts should I offer?

What gifts have not been admitted?

How my past experiences, help me now?

How does the way others see me, shaping my experience?

How do I see myself training for my experience?

How do I work on these issues in the past?

How do I develop this theme through the experiences in the past?

At the beginning of the new year, will have to spend some quality time of reflection on these and other important questions. They will help you become more aware you are approaching a critical choice. Working with the Core number can help shed light on areas of your personality that is both stronger and weaker. They are not intended to make you feel inadequate, but rather intended to show a clear picture of what may or may not work for you today. Some attributes, skills, habits or feelings that can be served or protected in the past, but may limit now. Mindfulness means that you are willing to look and can make the necessary changes. However, it is appropriate final destination awareness. Only you are the witness of compassion for yourself.

Note that the training focus is not on your mood. Much of the process involves a deep inner knowing that, following the path that is responsible, change and personal growth can flourish in your life.

Halfway through personal year is a "peak" point of the year. This occurred six months after the beginning of man, and the union and the culmination of events, circumstances and events. Can be used as a powerful time for personal reflection, planning and hope. Stressful events that occurred during the completion may seem more problems, or damage to you. At the top, you may want to check out the questions below to get a better understanding of where you are in your life.

Mindfulness of questions to ask about halfway (peak point):

Is this event / situation that helping me to be more organized?

Is really the event as strong as I think?

Have I learned to be more aware of myown pattern?

I am aware of my patterns?

Am I retreating from others or gravitating towards others?

How will this will help bring comfort and pleasure in my life?

Using and understanding the personal year cycle and related tools will help you understand why you can do things a certain way. However, the "why" is not so important, because in order to understand more about yourself. Note that if you use numerology tool grace conscious of itself.

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