Sunday, August 19, 2012

How to Use Magick to Make Your Life Better

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For many people, the word 'occult' spells fear and trepidation, mainly because over the years, it has been associated with voodoo and satanism, but in fact the actual meaning of the word occult is 'hidden' or 'secret'.

You may have read or even studied the origins of magic and been intrigued by stories of witches and warlocks using grimoires, the ancient name for magick spell books, to find out what ingredients they needed to find for their spells for love, power, money and health. Sometimes these old texts gave spells for all manner of circumstances, suggesting the use of all sorts of unusual and difficult to find ingredients.

The best comparison of an ancient grimoire or magical spell book is to liken it to a modern day cook book. All spells will have ingredients that have been carefully researched to produce an association with the outcome. The ingredients of a spell are generally symbols which represent on the physical plane something which has an association on the astral plane and by directing these articles in a particular way we can attract or magnetize a result we desire.

Although there are still some of these grimoires around, modern magick spell books are nowhere near as complicated and there are a number of modern practitioners of magick willing to share their interpretations of the ancient texts that were used in ancient times.

Modern magickal spell books and grimoires approach magick without the previous mumbo jumbo and mystery. Although it is still mysterious how magick works without any apparent logic there are certain elements of ancient rituals that have a universal correspondence which can be translated into the modern world. Magick works on the astral plane and so defies physical logic.

Many modern grimoires also contain chants which, through their use over the years have been embedded with a power which can create a result based on the energy of their sound. If you  believe in the power they have to achieve a positive outcome, these spells can be used to create all types of positive changes and events in your life.

The most important thing to understand about magick is that there are many different methods which you can use.  With very little preparation, the main ingredient being the belief in whichever magickal system you use, you can get almost anything you desire.   It can take a while to back up your belief with action, but when you do you will be astounded at the power you have at your command to change anything in your life effortlessly.

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