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The TRUTH About Wicca!

The TRUTH About Wicca!

Blessed Be!

 The "Craft", as it's sometimes referred to, starts in the heart. There are millions of practitioners globally and literally millions of ways of practicing it. Your sense that 'something is missing' is actually what The Craft is all about. There are rituals, spells, oils, lotions, potions and more, but what it boils down to is your will bowing before itself. What I mean by that, is the Universe is great, uncharted and vast... and you are part of it. You have influence on it through your force of will. And if you're thinking "what can one tiny little person do", ask yourself that question again the next time you have the flu. lol One little flu virus billionth the size of us can literally take over and level us. lol

Working in the craft is working in concert and with the flow of nature. The very term "wicca" comes from the old English "Wyth" - A flexible type of reed that was used to make baskets, fences, walls, etc. and was valued for it's flexibility.

The whole credo of Wicca is "Do what thou wilt, but harm none through any action or inaction".

Unlike Christianity, which has a half dozen celebrations throughout the year and it's all about people; in the craft, the celebrations mark the seasonal changes, the flow and ebb of the moon, and other aspects of nature as they affect us.

Personal recommendation, if you're into it, and you like ceremony, cool ropes, midnight gatherings, lots of chanting and stuff like that, you should be able to find a coven near you. I personally am not associated with or affiliated with any. The important part is, the personal celebration of life and the "paying it forward" concept that puts you in touch with the All and at peace with yourself.

This might have been a little bit thick and heavy, but I like providing accurate information and giving you the opportunity to mull through it and discover.

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