Tuesday, October 1, 2013

CLONES... Are They Exact Duplicates or No?

     Since, at this moment in time in our Universe, we do not have transporter technology,  we cannot simply create carbon copies of living beings from the buffered information that is stored in the transporter memory banks.  Nor can we wave a magic wand, open a mystical box or swirl a pattern of vortexed energies and magically entice a living clone to appear.  Therefore, we must create clones by growing them.  The process of growing them is what is we know as Cloning and is subject to the quantum mechanics observer effect and Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principles- in other words, the environment.  You cannot absolutely duplicate the environment.
     Fingerprints are created by the environment that the fetus is surrounded by, not by the DNA that is used to create the being.  Since each individual's environment will be uniquely different - temperature, movements, nutrients; and ridge events which are created during formation, then no two individual fingerprints can be an exact copy of another.  
     Ergo, the logical conclusion to the question of whether or not clones and their hosts have identical fingerprints is no, the fingerprints of the host and the clone would not be identical due to the differences in environment during gestation.

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