Tuesday, October 15, 2013

RECOVERING GRAPHICS FILES - Unit 7 Computer Forensics Assignment

Recovering a File

     In order to open the apparently corrupt zip file,, we must first repair it.  There are numerous reasons why a file may become corrupt, although the most common reason is that it would have a damaged Header part.   The Header is the part of the file which contains important data such as the file size, compressing and decompressing algorithm, property settings, etc.  Should this part become corrupt due to inconsistency in header part then Windows is unable to open the file and throws a CRC, Cyclic Redundancy Checking, error or other types of error (Zip Recovery Software. 2013).

     In order to fix this type of corrupt file, a third party zip file repair tool such as ZIP Repair Tool, or Sanmaxi Zip Repair will need to be obtained.  These tools "use advanced algorithms technically to deeply analyze and scan your corrupt zip files and fix all corruption issues" and are usually easy for even the layperson to install and uninstall (Zip repair, 2013).
     Another common reason zip files become corrupt is because of a broken download.   Files when they are downloaded from the Internet, are broken up into what are called packets.  Should one or more of these packets become missing, then this causes the file to become "broken" and therefore unable to be opened.  To repair this type of damaged zip file, the file must be downloaded again (Zip repair, 2013).
     Zip files can also become corrupted due to other things such as Viruses or Spyware.  In order to fix this type of corruption, once again use the zip recovery software.  They can also become corrupted because of malfunctioning hardware or incompatible software that has been installed on the computer.
     If the file still cannot be opened, it may be because the file has been renamed.   A rar or 7z decryption tool such as Archive Recovery tool may be needed.  "Archive Recovery tool is multipurpose tool offered by SysInfoTools at very affordable rate. It is only tool that supports all five compressed archive file formats" - Zip, RAR, TAR, TAR-GZ and 7z. (Semwaal, 2012).  Because of this fact, it comes highly recommended by most computer experts.

File Extensions

     The .cde file extension is associated with the KeyCreator program, formerly known as CADKEY Wireframe. CADKEY Wirefram was a modeling application which was used to create 2D and 3D CAD mechanical designs. In late 2003, the Kubotek Corporation acquired the CADKEY technology and subsequently replaced the CADKEY product line with its own modeling software named KeyCreator.  "KeyCreator Direct CAD is the most complete Direct CAD software available, offering the simplicity of Direct CAD modeling for your entire design to manufacturing needs (Kubotek, 2004-2013)."
     CDE files are used to create customized commands or instructions that CADKEY uses to edit or modify a drawing that has been created using the CADKEY program.  The CDE file can be opened using a universal file opener program such as FileViewPro or similar programs.
     .Cde is also associated with Honeywell Hybrid Control Designer.  "It provides advanced monitoring functions for debug, allows run-mode configuration changes, uploads the complete, annotated graphic controller control strategy, plus supplies an array of reports for enhanced documentation (Honeywell, 2010).


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