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10/30/2013 Issue of The 24KaratMarketer Ezine

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Volume 12 : Issue 37 : October 30, 2013

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Throughout the world today, there has arisen a new (or not so new) form of human degradation from the newly traversed trenches of criminal fiefdom. In the battle to overcome, many new forms of combat are becoming revealed with the advent of the newest technologies and the almost magical devices that are being uncovered almost daily. These devices and technologies, when they are in the hands of those who wish to compromise the safety of others, can be used to turn the most innocent, unassuming young boys and girls into terrified, tortured and tattered victims just by offering them promising messages of fame, fortune and riches. These types of messages are not new by any means; they have been used to lure young victims through out history. However, the method used today by those who seek to entrap others has been rapidly changing and the challenges that are faced by those seeking to stop them have remained constant.

When investigating crimes that use the devices and technologies of today, there are three basic types of data that can be used to build a case against a suspected perpetrator. These are active data, archival data and latent data. The difference between the three is: active data is data that can be seen without needing any special tools to obtain, such as data files, operating files and program files, archival data consists of data which has been backed up on storage mediums such as hard drives, CDs, tapes or floppy disks and latent data is the type of data which can only be accessed by using specialized tools such as computer software programs dedicated to recovering data from damaged or deleted files.