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How To Make Ebooks That Sell - Tips For The Newbie

Expert Author Manoj Lam Kumar
What Is The Best Ebook Format?

Even if you don't have sufficient coding experience, you can make an ebook. It is surprisingly easy. If you want your ebook to sell, you primarily have to make it good. That's why 99% of your time ought to be spent for writing and advertising/marketing your ebook. Technically, an ebook is an electronic book, but you have to choose the right format. 99% of all ebooks are read and downloaded in Apple's iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod), Amazon's Kindle and the Barnes and Noble Nook.

Converting your ebook in formats adapted by these ebook readers gives it better prospects for saleability.

EPub is an open standard format adapted by Barnes and Noble and Apple. A list of other ebook reader makers such as Sony also support EPub. Unfortunately, Amazon has called off its earlier pronouncement that they'll be using EPub for their next Kindle version.

Kindle is the complementary format used by Amazon for its Kindle ebook reader.

PDF is originally designed for print. You can't really enjoy a vivid display of PDF content on digital devices. But PDF is a useful format if you're sending some data to an Android or iOS device. Kindle supports the PDF format.

What Kind Of Book Makes The Best Ebook?

All kind of books can be converted to eBooks. The earlier notion that only books with text and some inline images are ideally suited for eBook, no more hold true now. You can convert illustrated cookbooks, children's books, cook books and travel books to eBooks but it is a meticulous process. However a professional eBook conversion company can handle that easily. Ebooks have a "killer feature" of increasing font size. It's a major factor to consider if you want your ebook to be a good sales product. Your book can instantly become a large type book. ePub supports animations, audio, videos and many more other enhancements too.

Why Outsource?

You can always save yourself from unnecessary hardwork and expenses. Creating an ebook can be as easy as it can be if you outsource. Look for an ebook conversion company that offers the best value for your money. Some ebook conversion services (Lulu and Smashwords) translate Word document to EPub format at an inexpensive price. These services are affiliated with Amazon and Apple as well. Other than creating your ebook, they also submit it to these bookstores for a small fee.

There are easy DIY software to make your own ebooks. If you want to sell at Amazon's Kindle store, you'll find a handy guide for converting your Word file through the site's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) feature. It's free to create an account and use the service.However these automatic tools may lead to loss of formatting and styling and the end result is not always good.

Otherwise, if you want to create a purchase-worthy ebook, outsource. Packaging a good product is everything for big-time saleability and an expert specialist will do the job for you. Look for an ebook conversion company that offers the best deals for digital publishing.

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Know more how to make your eBook to sell and marketing or advertising your ebooks.

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