Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Make Money Online Selling Ebooks - A How To

I have found that many people want to make money online by selling ebooks, but they don't want to take the time to write an e-book. If this describes you, I have great news for you! You can still make money by selling e-books written by other people by using affiliate marketing.

If you don't know of anyone who has e-books and an affiliate program that you can use to sell them, just use your favorite search engine to find them. For example, if you are looking for e-books on photography that have an affiliate program, just type in photography e-books affiliate program into any search engine.

Once you find the e-books that you would like to promote, simply start promoting them by following these simple steps.

Step 1: Create good web marketing copy for the e-books on your website. It is not enough to list the e-books on your website and then link to the seller’s website. The people who come to your website are not looking for links to other sites; rather, they are looking for useful information for themselves. Having useful information on your website increases the changes of your website visitors buying the e-book, and will generate affiliate commissions for you.

Step 2: After you have your website copy written, start promoting your website online and drive traffic to it.  There are many ways that you can get that much needed traffic to come to visit your site. One way is to optimize the site for search engines. Search engine optimization is the process of modifying web page content and meta-information to improve the search engine ranking of the page. Successful search engine optimization will greatly increase the number of visitors that come to your website. The more visitors to the website you have, the more affiliate products you will be able to sell, and the more money you will make. Make sure you optimize every page of your website for search engines, especially the ones that provide the information about the e-books and sell the e-books; that way you will get more website visitors.

Another way to drive more traffic to your website is by creating a blog to promote it. A blog is your business diary, in which you share the information about your website, as well as the e-books you are promoting. Your blog is an excellent tool to let the world know about the affiliate products and to connect with potential customers who would want to purchase them.

In order to bring the most online traffic and make money with your blog, make sure that your blog consistently and create blog posts that are of interest to your past as well as potential customers. Regular posts that are interesting to read is what will keep your readers coming back and buying from you.


Michelle A. Hoffmann is a Work at Home mother of 4, website designer,internet marketer, ezine editor/publisher/owner as well as wife to Internet marketing consultant, Udo A. Hoffmann ( You can visit her website at

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