Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Super 3×3 Building Concept Explained (The Power of 3)

Or... How We Turn $33 into Millions Using the Power of Three!!!

Let me introduce you to Tom.

Tom is a super recruiter who joined JTL to built a huge team and nothing is going to stop him.

In his first year Tom recruited a person a day through his personal referral link  and then sat back to watch his handiwork as he counted the $5,475.00 he earned in fast start bonuses.

Not one of Tom’s people knows how to recruit and yet the matrix fills up with spillover all the way down so that even his last referral has 10 levels filled in due time!
AWESOME right?…. maybe, lets take a look.

* Tom made $5,475.00 in fast start bonuses ($15×365 referrals), …..not bad.
* Tom is qualified Ruby (he has 365 people, 60 PV and 7,300 GV) … Very nice.
* Tom’s monthly matrix bonus is $12,129.60 (based on 9 levels qualified) …Fantastic.
* Tom has also qualified for the 75% matching bonus on everyone he personally  referred by virtue of his rank as “Ruby” and that comes to $127,458.00 …Awesome
* Tom is earning an ASTOUNDING $139,587.60 each and every month!
What is so bad about that you ask?  ….Refer to the chart as I explain.

What if I told you that Tom let 67% of his potential earning slip away?
What if I told you that Tom did not need to refer more than 3 people… EVER?

Do I have your attention?  Let me explain to you the “Power of 3×3
Here is all Tom ever had to do… refer 3 people, have them give him their referral links and have him help them get their 3 each…


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By becoming a Trainer instead of a Recruiter Tom can duplicate himself and if he does come across a 4th, 5th 6th or even 365th person who wants to use the wonderful JTL products he just has to check his downline and see who does NOT have 3 personal referrals and then use their link as the ref link.

Tom’s people now know how to help their referrals and the matrix fills up with referrals all the way down so that even last referral in Tom’s matrix has 10 levels filled under them in due time.

So how does that change Tom’s income?

*Well for starter Tom will NOT be making $5,475.00 in fast start bonuses.

He will earn $45 for his 3 personal referrals ($15×3) and another $40.50 for the 9 referrals those 3 each made…. totaling a meager $85.50 if Fast start bonuses

“Wait a minute”, you say… didn’t I say Tom could make “MORE” money?  That he let 2/3′s of his money slip away?

I sure did and here is where it gets…. “GOOD”.

You see by having his 3, then helping them get their 3 and those people each get their 3 Tom is building solidly and cementing their relationship through Training.

Tom’s matrix is filled by the team which continues to follow his teachings and that can generate a GV potential of over 5 MILLION every month! (each member with 60PV)

  • * Since Tom has his 3 personal referrals, his PV of 60 and a group volume of 12,500+ he is qualified “Diamond” and earns $107,247.60 just in matrix earnings! (based on 10 levels qualified)
  • *Even better Tom’s “Diamond” status gets him a matching bonus on the income of all 3 personal referrals at 100% for an additional $321,990.80, every month!
  • * But wait… with a GV that high Tom ALSO qualifies for the monthly Car bonus of $822.00 and the monthly House bonus of $2,220.00!
The grand total being a MONTHLY income of a staggering $432,032.40 with just 3 referrals!

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So, do you want to be “Tom the Recruiter” and hound 365 people into joining JTL so that you can make a one time Fast Start bonus of $5,475 and a $139,587.60 monthly income?

 Or… do you want to be “Tom the Trainer” and teach 3 people who love their JTL products to do the same for their 3 in return for a monthly stipend of $432,032.40?

$107,247.60 Matrix income
$321,742.80 Matching bonus

$139,587.60 gross income
$822.00 Car bonus
$2,220.00 House bonus


This is where TRBD comes in "WE" help you to fill in those 3 .. Left to right one at a time per row.

EXAMPLE:- Bill, Sue and Tom are on a row... next referral goes under Bill, the one after that under Sue, third one under Tom.... fourth under Bill so he has 2, then next under Sue so she has 2 and sixth under Tom giving him his second referral... the next 3 will fall one under each of them so all will have their 3... then we do the same for each of those 9 and so on.

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