Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Digital Product Creation: Keep It Easy for People!

Expert Author Trevor DumbletonOne of your main jobs when you create a digital product is to keep things as easy as possible. There was a tagline for an advert a while back that said "because life's complicated enough" and that's true for near enough all of us, near enough all the time

We look for time savers and things to uncomplicate our lives – even if we end up buying expensive gadgets that we don't really know how to use and that sometimes complicate more things than they solve. Admit it, most of the features on your mobile phone are still completely unused!

That's actually the dilemma.

People need simple solutions but tend to like to buy things with all sorts of extra bells and whistles just in case they'll use them.

With product creation, this can make your decision process awkward.

My personal preference is to create products that fill a specific need – one very specific solution for one very specific problem.

Other people like to produce digital products that cater for almost every conceivable need and then a bit. An operating system like Microsoft Windows falls into that category: you could get away with just the base system if you didn't want to do anything other than browse the web and maybe type out a few letters or emails and manage your photos.

But if you're creating your own digital product, unless you've got a gigantic team of developers, that's not the best solution.

It's far better to make things simpler.

A one step solution is ideal.

And if you're selling a service, that should be your preferred solution. Even if there are a few product variants along the way – think small, medium, large and maybe super size.

The same goes for digital products.

In the internet marketing world, the best sellers are regularly software solutions that do everything for you at the click of a button.

Apps for your phone follow the same kind of path.

Most people prefer to have individual apps that provide a specific solution rather than multi purpose apps that try to be all things to all men and fail to provide a satisfactory solution.

When you're coming up with ideas for a digital product, start with a broad idea and then split it into several components.

Over time, if you think it's a worthwhile option, you can turn those into a Swiss Army knife equivalent. Those are often called a toolkit and that can work nicely as people understand the concept of a toolkit.

But you still need the individual tools and those are often best sold as one-offs.

So, keeping with products for the internet marketing world, you might decide to produce one product that teaches people how to do keyword research, another that shows them how to utilise those keywords in the form of written content, another that shows them how to turn the written content into useful videos, and so on.

This kind of split makes it easy for you to create the product and easy for people to understand what they're buying.

Which is win-win in our often time-poor modern society.

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Or watch this video for ideas about where to start product creation.

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