Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Effects of Smoking on Young People - How Smoking Damages Our Youth

Smoking just never seems to go out of style. Despite all the information available about the hazards of smoking and the numerous campaigns targeted to educate children about the dangers associated with cigarette smoking, kids still continue to smoke. It is a problem that goes back several generations. Smoking just happens to be the most popular form of rebellion used by young people. The problem is that this rebellion ultimately leads to addiction.

Look, I was a kid who smoked too. I knew the dangers, my parents taught me not to smoke. But, it just seemed "cool" and I collapsed at the first hint of peer pressure. Soon the cigarette here and there to turned to full blown nicotine addiction. So, trust me, I am not here to lecture; I do not consider myself a hypocrite.

But I do like to educate. And, in the end, the more voices talking about the dangers of smoking the better. So here is one more voice: mine. Below are some of the health effects that smoking has on young people.

  • The short term consequences that adolescents can expect from smoking include respiratory effects and shortness of breath. This effects young people's physical fitness and ability to participate in sports and other competitive events.

  • Most young people who smoke regularly continue smoking through adulthood and experience continued lung deterioration and disease; including asthma, emphysema, lung cancer, and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), the leading cause of death amongst smokers.

  • Studies have shown that early signs of heart disease and stroke are found in young people who smoke.

  • Smoking at a young age increases the risk of lung and other cancers. The risk of smoking related cancer increases as that young person continues to smoke into adulthood.

  • It seems the mind is also affected by smoking. Teenage smokers are more likely to see a doctor for emotional or psychological issues than non-smoking teens.

  • Smoking cigarettes leads to use of other drugs. Studies prove that teen smokers are much more likely to use alcohol, and cocaine.

That is a brief list of the effects smoking has on young people. In short, it is a very bad path to start down. If you are a young person who is smoking, please stop now. If you are having trouble quitting on your own turn to your parents, doctor, teacher, friends, anyone you trust to help you find the help you need. Remember, smoking will hurt you and can even kill you. Quit smoking now, believe me, you will wish you did when you get older.

Smoking negatively effects people of all ages. The only way to stop these harmful effects is to quit smoking.

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The Effects of Smoking on Young People - How Smoking Damages Our Youth

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