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This week's issue of The 24KaratMarketer Ezine is available online. Here's a run down of what's inside:

~ Volume 13 : Issue 12 : May 07, 2014 ~

Celebrating 13 Years of Publication!

Helping home business entrepreneurs succeed with their online businesses since January 04, 2001

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The Affinity® Capsule may improve:

    Energy and increase stamina.
    Energy metabolism
    Increases the oxygen levels in the blood
    Mental alertness

In today’s society, improving one’s sex drive, stamina, blood circulation, mental clarity, memory, digestion and nutrient absorption, liver function, urine flow, bowel movements and sports performance means a lot to most.

Affinity® may reduce:

    Free radicals
    Heart attack
    Heart disease
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When you take Affinity® your mood may change to that of a sense of well-being.

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The Super 3×3 Building Concept Explained (The Power of 3)

Or... How We Turn $33 into Millions Using the Power of Three!!!

Let me introduce you to Tom.

Tom is a super recruiter who joined JTL to built a huge team and nothing is going to stop him.

In his first year Tom recruited a person a day through his personal referral link  and then sat back to watch his handiwork as he counted the $5,475.00 he earned in fast start bonuses.

Not one of Tom’s people knows how to recruit and yet the matrix fills up with spillover all the way down so that even his last referral has 10 levels filled in due time!
AWESOME right?…. maybe, lets take a look.

* Tom made $5,475.00 in fast start bonuses ($15×365 referrals), …..not bad.
* Tom is qualified Ruby (he has 365 people, 60 PV and 7,300 GV) … Very nice.
* Tom’s monthly matrix bonus is $12,129.60 (based on 9 levels qualified) …Fantastic.
* Tom has also qualified for the 75% matching bonus on everyone he personally  referred by virtue of his rank as “Ruby” and that comes to $127,458.00 …Awesome
* Tom is earning an ASTOUNDING $139,587.60 each and every month!
What is so bad about that you ask?  ….Refer to the chart as I explain.

What if I told you that Tom let 67% of his potential earning slip away?
What if I told you that Tom did not need to refer more than 3 people… EVER?

Do I have your attention?  Let me explain to you the “Power of 3×3
Here is all Tom ever had to do… refer 3 people, have them give him their referral links and have him help them get their 3 each…


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