Tuesday, July 1, 2014

This is a True Story...

It was a dark, November evening in late 1998.  I was sitting on my parents' front steps smoking a cigarette.  When I looked up into the night sky, I noticed that there was a large triangular area immediately above me that seemed to be darker than the rest of the sky.  This object did not move.  

I looked a bit closer and a small, brightly lit, rectangular area caught my eye... this rectangle looked to be a door of some kind.  Staring at it for what seemed to be hours, I tried to rationalize it in my mind.  Surely it had to be some sort of military aircraft... it couldn't be anything extraterrestrial, could it?  I mean, things like this don't happen in Western Wisconsin, do they?  

I wanted to jump up and rush back inside, but instead I stayed where I was, intrigued as to what I would see... would I see little green men?  Would I see tall, thin creatures as in StarGate(TM)?  I was mesmerized... I could not move.

As I continued to watch, the "door" got dimmer and dimmer until it was indiscernible from the rest of the "UFO" (I say UFO because it was... an Unidentified Flying Object).  The object silently started moving southward, away from me, until I could no longer see it.

This memory has intrigued me ever since.  Was it an extraterrestrial sighting?  Was there some sort of military exercise happening that was being kept secret?  

I may never know...

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