Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Effectiveness of Policies to Deter Terrorism

Before 9/11, the United States had not really focused on terrorism.  Sure, there had been incidences, such as the Oklahoma City bombing and the World Trade Center bombing, but nothing captured the attention of the American people the way that the 9/11 attacks did.  It brought, to the forefront, just how vulnerable the United States actually was to outside forces.  It also allowed us to see where some of our weaknesses were in our defenses and made clear some of the actions the country could take to mitigate such threats.  It was in response to these threats and the need for ways to prevent future terrorist attacks which the Government Accounting Office (GAO) laid out strategies to combat terrorism, ways to protect our critical infrastructure, as well as assessing threats from weapons of mass destruction, coordinating research and development to better combat terrorism, revising the Five Year Interagency Counterterrorism And Technology Crime Plan to be more up to date, and designing a single focal point to oversee coordination of the various federal programs.