Thursday, December 17, 2015

Home Based Business - Risks, Rewards, and Reality of a Home Based Business

By Sandy Zalecki

With anything in life there are risks involved. Having a home based business is no exception and there are uncertainties that most people are just unwilling to endure. The fear of failure paralyzes many people because they perceive everything is life must be successful and only misfits fail. The influences from public education that only fools fail persists into everyday life causing so many to play it safe and be average. A person who starts a home based business must risk their money, time and energy on a promise that is not guaranteed. It's just too much.

The rewards, however, are many and can be limitless. The comfort and security of an hourly wage or salary limits the income potential whereas there is no end to how much an entrepreneur can make. The reward of conceiving an idea, believing it can be accomplished and achieving its success is one of the most fulfilling experiences anyone can have in this life. The rewards may be on a national stage such as Sara Blakely, Success Magazine's January cover story or as private as your own immediate family. The possible reward makes the scary risk worth taking.

Then there is the reality of a home based business that energizes some people and polarizes others. Life is certainly different when business is mixed with the domestic scene. Limits have to be set and strictly followed, conversations around the table are seasoned with work, and the business office is only steps away instead of a commute. There are tax advantages to help the bottom line and the mingling of personal issues with professional becomes a daily routine. It feels old school in an agrarian culture when the ground floor of a hose was a store while the upper levels were for living.