Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Best Christmas Markets - Soaking Up the German Christmas Spirit and Finding Top German Markets

Christmas markets and Germany go hand-in-hand. And Christmas in Germany would be unthinkable without them. The best tours of Germany in December will make it a point to include at least one market on the itinerary. There's no such thing as a bad holiday market in Germany. But some are better than others. Many people think automatically of the Munich Christmas markets, but if you're interested in variety, check out some of the others:

Dresden Christmas Fair (known locally as the Striezelmarkt)

Dating back to the 1400s, this is one of the best German fairs. It features a huge array of decorations, folk art and traditional toys from the nearby Erzgebirge toy-making region. One of the highlights: Dresden bakers mount a local Stollen Festival to celebrate the legendary Stollen Christmas cake. 25 November-24 December 2010.

Dresden Middle Ages Christmas Market

Not to be outdone, Dresden also mounts a wonderful, historically-themed market, held each year in the Castle mews. It's at its best starting at dusk and going into the evening. Dresdener Schloss (Castle Courtyard), 24 November-22 December, 2010.

Nurnberg Christkindlmarkt

A sheer delight, this may be the most classic of the Christmas fairs. Stands feature toys, straw figures, candles and an unbelievable variety of German Christmas decorations. Nurnberg Bratwurst is a year-round specialty, but it never tastes better than when you're strolling through the market at night. 26 November-24 December 2010.