Saturday, October 29, 2016

The State of Things in America Today...

The other day, I was driving with my son, on our way home.  We had stopped at a stop light (the second car in the line up), when I noticed two young children, maybe ages 6 or 7 running across the street.  They were in the cross walk, I will give them that much.  However, there was a pick up truck turning left from the cross street.  The two boys just ran out in front of it without even looking.

The driver of the truck honked their horn... which was to be expected.  To this, the two boys turned around (still in the cross walk) and gave the driver their middle fingers while yelling at him 'F- off!'

I sat there, not believing what I was seeing... these two little boys had run out in front of the truck; which had the right of way... and acted like it was the driver who was doing something wrong.  This type of behaviour is something that I would expect from a teenager or older... NOT a 6 or 7 year old!

And... these kids were black.  I say this, not to be racist, or negative towards blacks... but, to express my thoughts on what is happening here in America.  This is the type of reaction that is happening everywhere now.  A black person does something wrong and is chided for their behavior, and they turn around and blame the person doing the chiding.  Many black people (mostly gang members and lower income citizens) have begun to believe that they are "above the law"... that they don't have to follow the same rules as everyone else.

They seem to think that they have the 'right' to behave any way they want.  When they are called out for their actions by those in charge, i.e. the police, supervisors, etc... they turn around and react violently.  I have to say that it seems as if, since the Black Lives Matter movement started with their shenanigans, the  average black community feels that they are better than everyone else.  

These two small children are just one example... and it's sad.

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