Friday, February 10, 2017

So... You Don't Like Trump?

This morning I was scanning my Facebook newsfeed when I came across a post that really resounded with me... It said many of the things that I've been saying to myself (and my family. lol).

There is also this to think about... So, you don't like what Trump is doing?  He is only keeping his campaign promises.  How many previous Presidents have keep theirs?  and in the first few weeks of entering the office?

Another thing to think about... If Trump DOES get impeached, or whatever... then we are stuck with Mike  Pence!  Do you really want that? I'd take the Donald over the alternative any day!

Anyway... here is the post:  (I wanted to post it here, in case the Facebook police decided that it needed to be taken down - so much for free speech, eh?)

For all the Einsteins who are celebrating the 9th Circuit (the MOST overturned Court in the U.S.) and their stupidity, the security and safety of our country is at stake! You did NOT win, our country is losing. If anything happens that destroys lives because of the denial of a complete Government for the President, it is not cause for celebration.

Very bad people who hate us may be entering with the "good people" as you call them although they are not citizens of our country and have NO rights.

It's time to look in the mirror and instead of that lame quote; "This is not who we are," ask yourself; "Who the Hell am I to be so angry I celebrate the destruction of our country?" Remember when the last POTUS came to office? Remember when he had no complete Cabinet? Oh, you can't because he DID!

Your Candidate did not win, another man did and there are no do-overs. Allow him to succeed or fail on his own merits. Go back to work, live your lives and let's see what happens when this bloated behemouth we call our Govt. is pared down and has some people working who may have some Humanity instead of hatred.

In less than four years you can get your base together and find someone to suit your desires and see where it goes. In the meantime look at who is truly behind all the hysteria and vitriol to find out if you have been manipulated into a mob behavior by some very shady characters.

OR just keep doing what you choose and see how it works out. You are NOT marching with MLK. Remember you heard it here first. Have a good day.

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